What do you call door lock parts?

Parts of a door lock

  • Trim: Sometimes called a rose, the trim is a decorative plate attached to the door under the knob or lever. …
  • Deadbolt: …
  • Escutcheon: …
  • Faceplate. …
  • Backplate: …
  • Latch bolt: …
  • Spindle: …
  • Strike plate:

What is the door lock hole called?

Bore hole. A bore hole is drilled into a door to accommodate a lockset.

What does door hardware include?

They include an exterior handle, a thumb-operated latch and a matching deadbolt. A knob or lever operates the latch from the inside. You can find handlesets with right-handed, left-handed and universal levers. The included deadbolt may be single- or double-cylinder, depending on the model.

What are the metal things on doors called?

The strike plate is placed on the door jamb where the hole for the bolt of the door and the bolt meet. It is a small metal plate that is screwed to the door jamb.

What is the metal strip in doorway called?

Door Sweeps are flat pieces of plastic aluminum or stainless steel fastened to a strip of nylon, plastic or vinyl, or a sponge brush to fill any gap between the door and the threshold.

What is a lock jamb?

strike jamb, lock jamb

The vertical member of a doorframe on which the strike plate is installed.

What do you call the thing that pulls a door closed?

Latch. The latch is the mechanism that slides into the enge of the door and retracts or protrudes with the turn of the door knob. The latch keeps the door closed and when the knob is turned allows the door to open.

What is a door threshold plate?

A door threshold is a solid strip of material (usually metal) that sits over the gap in a doorway to create a smooth transition from one room to another. They can be added to any opening but are more of a necessity for exterior doors.

What is a metal transition strip?

Transition strips are used when you are joining together two different sections of a building, like offices and a hallway or an open area where flooring types change.

What is a door bar?

The door bar sits in the door way and acts as a transition between your wooden floor and the floor in the next room. For example, it would cover the gap left between the wooden floor the adjacent floor, e.g. tiles, carpet, etc. You have a choice of style of door bar, depending upon your requirements.

What are threshold bars?

Threshold bars are essential for bridging the gap between door ways. It can be used for various types of flooring with differing heights. Our T-bars are colour matched to fit your flooring perfectly.

How do you fit a threshold strip?

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Quote from Youtube video: Using a hacksaw cut the threshold stripper to right angle if possible leave the protective plastic on to avoid scratching the threshold strip with a soft metal file file down the ends of the strip.

How does door security bar work?

A standard door jammer works by using a bar that bolsters onto the floor at one end. The other end then hooks underneath the actual doorknob or handle, thus jamming the door. They utilize a padded foot grip to protect the floor and keep the jammer steady.

How do you install a door security bar?

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Quote from Youtube video: To mount the security bar use your eighth inch bit and drill these two holes into the jamb. Holding the bar with the release lever on top align the holes in the rotating. Bracket with the holes.

How do I remove a security bar from a door?

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Quote from Youtube video: And cutoff wheel to cut a slot in the screw heads approximately 1/8 inch deep. Then using your drill with the screwdriver. Bit remove the screws one by one when you get down to the last few screws.