Your family can be in serious danger if you smell gas from a leaking aircon. Call in your air conditioning professional immediately to repair the leak and ensure the safety of your family and everyone in the house.

What to do if AC gas is leaking?

In case you didn’t know, you must remove all of the refrigerants from the system to repair an air conditioner or repair a heat pump piping, evaporator coil/cooling coil, condensing coil, or tubing. An aircon technician will take a pump, connect it to vacuum the system.

How do I know if my AC has a gas leak?

Perhaps you’ve noticed warm air or lower than normal airflow coming out of your system’s registers or you’ve heard a hissing sound. Maybe you’ve observed water on the floor by your HVAC unit or seen ice forming on your evaporator coils. These are all telltale signs of an AC refrigerant leak.

Why is the gas smell from AC?

The smell is caused by a buildup of bacteria, moisture, and mold in your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is leaking water and you haven’t cleaned it out in a while, you’re very likely to encounter this problem.

Can a broken AC cause a gas leak?

Mechanical damage to refrigerant lines can cause aircons to leak gas: All aircon units create the cooling effect by moving refrigerant between the outdoor condenser coil and the indoor evaporator coil.

How much does it cost to fix an AC Freon leak?

Freon Leak Fix

The average cost to fix a Freon leak is $200 to $1,000. When there are holes or corrosion on the coils where the refrigerant lives, leaks occur. The refrigerant is important for an AC. If the level is too low, the air may not be properly cooled off.

How long does gas last in AC?

Gas in these types of aircon works efficiently up to 5-7 years depending on their usage and maintenance. You may need refilling the aircon gas within 5 years if not handled properly.

How much does it take to fill gas in AC?

“..the cost to refill / repair and weld AC gas leak for a 1.5 ton split AC is Rs. 1800 (Avg) cleaning and transportation charges are extra. If it is just a Gas top up it costs only Rs. 650.”