What is KDA profile keycaps?

The KDA profile keycaps set has 112 keys in total, including 104 base sets and 8 alternative keys. Compatible with MX style mechanical gaming switches including but not limited to Cherry MX, Kailh Box, Gateron, Outemuet, etc.

What profile are my keycaps?

The keycap profile refers to the overall shape of the keycap, some keycaps are flat, some are rounded, with many different shapes as well. There are certain styles in which each row of keys has a different height to allow for a concave or sloped shape over the entire keycap set.

What are profile keys?

Profile keys describe different aspects of your profiles. Profiles are categories that you define to track a contact’s behavior as they navigate through your website. You assign numerical profile values to your profile keys, then use profile values to track how contacts interact with the website.

What are the different types of keycap profiles?

Common Keycap Profiles

  • Cherry — sculpted profile. Manufactured by: GMK, Infinikey, ePBT, JTK.
  • DSA — uniform profile. Manufactured by: Keyreative.
  • KAM — uniform profile. Manufactured by: Keyreative.
  • KAT — sculpted profile. Manufactured by: Keyreative.
  • MT3 — sculpted profile.
  • OEM — sculpted profile. …
  • SA— sculpted profile.

What is cherry profile?

Cherry profile is one of the most common aftermarket keycap profiles and a go-to for keyboard many enthusiasts. Keycaps come in a variety of styles, otherwise known as keycap profiles. A keycap profile is the shape of keycaps on any given keyboard. Profiles alter the feel, ergonomics, and styling of each keycap.

What is DSA profile?

DSA Profile

DSA, one of the most popular uniform profiles, is a low-profile keycap type. These keycaps will not be sculpted, meaning that it may be difficult for some users to get used to. Many people love the look of these because of the consistent height and general aesthetic between rows.

Is XDA Profile good for gaming?

XDA Profile

XDA sounds pretty similar to the Cherry profile just a bit lower pitch. Overall this profile is a solid option for both gaming and quick or regular typing.