Open and close the valves on the backflow preventer and on the manual drain valves to release any air pressure that is still remaining in the system, then close the valves to keep the sprinkler system isolated for the winter.

Should sprinkler valves be open or closed?

Make sure the sprinkler valve is closed, unless it’s the valve farthest from the main water source. You’ll want to leave this valve open and remove the sprinkler nozzle to allow air to escape when you turn on the water.

How do you bleed a sprinkler system for the winter?

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Quote from Youtube video: And we're going to turn these to 45 degrees with our screwdriver. You're going to see some water drain out from both of those. Go around leave those at 45 degrees.

How do I know which sprinkler valve goes to which zone?

Mark each valve with a white paint marker to indicate a zone number that it operates. For future use, make a diagram of your sprinkler system on paper, showing the location of each valve box, each valve and the area it irrigates.

Should sprinkler valves be open or closed for winter?

Manual valves should be left in the open position throughout winter to prevent repressurization. Some sprinkler heads have both side and bottom pipe inlets. If you use the side inlet, install a drain valve on the bottom inlet to prevent the case from freezing.

How do you winterize sprinkler valves?

Shut off the water supply to the irrigation system. The main shut off valve for your irrigation system needs to be protected against freezing. Make sure it is wrapped with insulation (foam insulation tape and a plastic bag) to protect it from harsh winter temperatures and prevent it from freezing.

How do I turn off my sprinkler system for the winter?

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Quote from Youtube video: The water is on when it's horizontal. The water is off. So if you for the winterization. If you just take this handle. And twist it up that will actually shut off the water as you can hear.

Should I run my sprinklers before a freeze?

It is best to turn on your system during the warmest time of the day when anticipating freezing conditions. Be sure the outside temperature is 37 degrees or above when you run your system. You ABSOLUTELY do not want to run your sprinkler system during a hard freeze as this will cause damage to your irrigation system.

How do I winterize my sprinkler system without a blowout?

Not all systems need to have the water blown out of them. You can winterize a sprinkler system without an air compressor if all of your irrigation lines are buried at a slight downhill slope. Simply shut off the main water supply to your system and open the drain valves at the end of each zone.

How do you keep fire sprinkler pipes from freezing?

To keep the water inside the pipes of a wet fire sprinkler system from freezing in areas where the temperature may drop below 50 degrees, some systems include an antifreeze loop. By adding antifreeze to the water in the fire sprinkler pipes, the freezing point is much lower, reducing the risk of the pipes freezing.

How do I winterize my water spigot?


  1. Shut Off the Water Supply. Most of the time, but not always, the water line that feeds the outdoor faucet includes a valve to turn the water on and off. …
  2. Disconnect Any Hoses. If a hose is connected to the faucet, disconnect it. …
  3. Drain the Faucet. …
  4. Install an Outdoor Faucet Cover.

How do you winterize irrigation backflow?

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Quote from Youtube video: Here is a very common backflow device called a pressure vacuum breaker we see this in most areas of Houston. As usual though they are always in a very hard place to get to.

How do I keep my backflow from freezing?

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Quote from Youtube video: Take an old towel or blanket wrap your piping as tight as you. Can. And use more than one if you have to. After you've wrapped. It. Just place a small trash can or a trash bag.

Should I remove the backflow preventer for winter?

(Optional) If your backflow preventer was installed with unions you can remove it and store it inside for the winter. After you take it off, make sure you drain the water from both sides, open the test cocks and close the valves ΒΌ turn. It may also be good to wrap it in a towel or old blanket.

How do you winterize a sprinkler system with underground backflow preventer?

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Quote from Youtube video: And we close each of these valves a quarter turn don't close it all the way if you do that the water will be trapped in here when it turns to ice. It will explode out the side of the valve.