As you can see, even with inflated prices, Wago is simply more expensive to source in the US. Wire nuts provide just as solid a connection (provided you twisted the wires correctly).

Do electricians still use wire nuts?

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Quote from Youtube video: And a better way to join two pieces of wire that'll make your electric. Work so much easier you'll never go back to using them again the biggest problem with wire nuts is they're not reusable.

Are Wago wire connectors any good?

Substandard maintenance and incorrect assembly can result in a disaster for screw connections, with the risk of short circuits and shocks. Wago have identified these risks and tackled them for more than 50 years with their top quality components, which won’t set you back too much money.

Are Wago connectors legal in UK?

Yes, but a few points need to be observed to make sure it complies with BS7671 IET 17th Edition. Firstly, the terminals must be installed in a Wagobox (when breaking into existing ring wiring).

Do Wago connectors meet code?

This is another reason why Wago connectors are a great choice. They meet all of the NEC code requirements regarding splicing and terminating conductors. For example, when splicing conductors you are required to use a splicing device classified for brazing, welding, or soldering with an alloy.

Which is better WAGO or wire nuts?

wires nuts was the ability to have visual confirmation of connections. Wago lever nuts have a clear housing that allows you to see the wire inside it. This gives you the ability to actually see the wire touching the inside connector.

What is the difference between Wago 221 and 222?

The new Wago 221 series wiring connectors are 40% smaller than the 222 series, helping to further reduce space inside junction boxes. The compact, tool-less design is a great way of connecting cables. They are suitable for use with stranded and solid cables and are ideal for use in domestic or industrial wiring.

Do I need a junction box with Wago connectors?

The installer connectors need to be within a suitable enclosure. According to BS 7671, “every connection and termination must be enclosed irrespective of the nominal voltage”. The WAGOBOX® Light junction box meet BS EN 60670-01 and BS EN 60670-22.

What does Wago stand for?


Acronym Definition
WAGO Western Association of Gynecologic Oncologists (Washington, DC)

Are Wago lever nuts CSA approved?

Wago, Weidmuller and other make the ferrules, they are CSA and UL approved.

Are Wagos legal in Canada?

Yep, they’re CSA certified, so you can definitely use them.

Are Wagos rated for aluminum?

Note: Terminating Aluminum Conductors WAGO spring clamp terminal blocks are suitable for solid aluminum conductors up to 4 mm²/12 AWG if WAGO “Alu-Plus” Contact Paste is used for termination.

What is a Wago lever nut?

Wago’s new 221 Series Lever-Nuts for electrical installations allow solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires to be connected faster and more reliably, while minimizing the amount of space in junction boxes.

Are Wago connectors reusable?

Unlike a push-in wire connector, Wago connectors can be used for solid, stranded, and fine stranded types of wires or conductors, and be reused.

Can you use Wago connectors in USA?

Thanks to their approval as independent equipment per EN 60998, WAGO’s lighting connectors can be used in nearly all household applications and similar building installations where a connection between solid and fine-stranded conductors is required.

Are Wagos waterproof?

Is the WAGO Gelbox waterproof? Yes: The connectors are completely sealed against water and can be permanently immersed in water (however, with, for example, pressurized water, this is only permitted on the application side for complete cable sets).

What are jelly crimps?

The connector is filled with a sealant to provide moisture resistance. These connectors are most commonly used to join BT CW1308 telephone cable, or any similar sized solid copper conductor cable. As there is a moisture barrier gel inside the connectors, they can be used internally or externally.

How do you waterproof a WAGO connector?

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