Do you connect blue and red wires together?

Connect black fan wire to the black ceiling wire. Connect the blue wire to the red wire. Connect white wires together. Connect green/bare copper wires.

How do you wire a red and blue light fixture?

In your case the red wire should be connected to the hot (black) wire from the junction box, and blue should be connected to the neutral (white) wire from the box. If there is a green, green and yellow, or just bare copper wire, that’s the ground wire.

What are blue and red wires?

Red wires are hot wires common in a 240-volt outlet or when a wall switch controls the outlet. Blue and yellow wires are hot wires for ceiling fans and three- or four-way switches. White or gray electrical wires are neutral wires.

What do I do with the red wire when installing a ceiling light?

on most devices, i.e. ceiling fan, the red wire is for the “switched leg” coming from the wall switch to the fan or lights on the fan. this set up will allow you to turn the fan or lights on and off from the wall, the other( light or fan) will require you to use the chain pull.

Which wire is positive red or blue?

Wire Colors for DC Power

The coloring is as follows: Positive – The wire for the positive current is red. Negative – The wire for the negative current is black.

When wiring a ceiling fan what is the blue wire?

Look at the wires coming from your ceiling fan. The black wire from the ceiling fan is the hot wire that runs the motor and turns the fan blades. The white wire is neutral and completes the fan circuit. The blue wire is the hot wire for the ceiling fan light fixture.

What color wires go together on a ceiling fan?

Connect the white wires (neutral wires) from your fan and ceiling together. Connect the green wire to your household ground wire (copper/bare wire). Connect the black wires together. Lastly, connect the blue wires together, or the blue wire to the black wire for lights.

Can I connect red and black wires together ceiling fan?

If you have black and red wires in the ceiling fan power box, the are likely from the same branch circuit source, one black wire in the wall switch box, and then black and red from the double switch to the fan ceiling box. This way you can run the fan and the fan light kit separately. Don’t connect them together.