How do I adjust the sensitivity on my Lutron motion sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: If you want to set the motion sensitivity to low you press and hold the big button here. And the tab on the right.

Can you adjust a motion sensor light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: In vacancy mode you have to push the button to turn the load on to adjust the range turn the knob from the center default position of 65%.

How do you wire a Lutron Maestro motion sensor switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Control. Connect the ground or green wire and a bare wire from the control to the ground wire the green or bare wire in the wallbox connect. The two black wires to the two wires in the wall.

How does a Lutron motion sensor work?

How does it work? Lutron’s occupancy sensors incorporate multiple advanced motion detection technologies to determine whether a person is occupying the space. When a person walks into a space the lights will immediately turn on, and when the person leaves the lights will turn off after a specified time-out.

How do you adjust a motion sensor light?

The best way to reset a motion sensor light is to turn it off and back on again for a period of 30 seconds or longer. A homeowner can also turn the power to it off at the breaker, in order to ensure it has time to reset itself. If that doesn’t work, the sensor itself or the bulb may be to blame.

How do you trick a motion sensor to stay on?

One of the quick tricks you can try is to quickly turn the motion sensor ON, OFF, ON to override the motion detection and make the light stay on. To go back to motion detection mode, turn the motion sensor switch off and wait for about 10 seconds, and then turn it on again.

What is Lux setting on motion sensor?

LUX: Lux is what controls the day and night setting it will have a picture of a sun and a moon, moving it more towards the sun will have it come on when it is lighter or moving it towards the moon will have it activate only when it is dark.

Why does my motion sensor light stay on during the day?

What Causes my Light to Stay On? Several things can cause your motion detector to stay on, including age, storm damage, a power surge, improper installation, and improper settings. A few issues are easy to correct without professional help.

What does PC mean on a motion light?


AUTO MODE. PC’Mode (Controlled. by Dusk to Dawn) Works at. Day and Night.

What is difference between motion sensor and occupancy sensor?

The motion sensor responds to moving objects only. The difference between them is occupancy sensor produce signals whenever an object is stationary or not while motion sensor is sensitive to only moving objects. These type of sensors utilize some kind of a human body’s property or body’s actions.

What is the difference between a vacancy sensor and an occupancy sensor?

Occupancy sensors may offer an option selection to switch the occupancy sensor from automatically turning the lighting on to A vacancy sensor requires manual activation of the lighting by the occupant then turns the lights OFF automatically soon after an area is vacated.

Which sensor is considered most reliable for applications with little motion activity?

Ultrasonic sensors should be located so that they lights turn ON as soon as a person enters the space. They are more sensitive than PIR sensors, ideal for applications with minor body motion such as typing in an office or test taking in a classroom.

Does a motion sensor switch need a neutral?

Picking a Motion Sensing Switch. The most important consideration is the necessity of a neutral wire. Some motion-sensing switches require that there be a neutral (white) wire attached to them, some do not—for those that do there is no substitute.

What is the range of a motion sensor?

Typical motion sensors have a range of up to 80 feet, meaning a single motion sensor probably won’t cover a long hallway or an open workspace.

How does Leviton motion sensor work?

An occupancy sensor, also known as a motion sensor, automatically turns the lights or motor load ON when motion is detected within the sensor viewing range and automatically turns the lights/motor load OFF after a designated time elapses when the room is vacant and motion is no longer detected.

How do you wire a motion sensor?

Step-by-Step Guide to Wiring a Motion Sensor:

Pair the black supply wire with the black fixture wire. Pair the white supply wire with the white fixture wire. Pair the ground supply wire with the ground fixture wire. Connect each wire using connectors and electrical tape.

How do you wire a Lutron occupancy sensor with a 3 way switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: There's a black black blue and a green. Okay the green. And this bare wire here in the top. And the the ground coming in the wires connect those three all together.

How do I keep my Leviton motion sensor light on?

Lights can only be turned ON by manually pressing the push-button. The lights will remain ON as long as the unit detects activity in the sensor zones. The IPP15-1L will turn the lights OFF automatically after the space becomes vacant and the delayed- OFF time expires.

How do you turn off occupancy sensor light switch?

Most manufacturers make it a fairly easy process to disable this main feature of the lights. A switch on the fixture should read “on time,” usually found directly under the motion sensor. Set it to any position, aside from the test position, and flip off the switch that the light is connected to.

How do you wire a Leviton light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: On the back of the device. Quick wire terminals accept 14 gauge solid copper wires only for circuits with 12 gauge solid copper or copper clad wires use terminal screws instead.