It sounds like you have lost one phase to the burner that has the problem. When you turn on the second/support burner, that switch is back-feeding power to the problem burner switch.

Why is only one burner working on my stove?

Inspecting the Heating Element

Each burner comes with its own heating element and its own connections to the stove overall. Your first step when one burner is not working should be to test that heating element. … If the connectors on the end of the coil are bent or damaged, the heating coil will need to be replaced.

How do you fix a burner on a gas stove that won’t light?

Soak the sealed burner base in vinegar or warm water and use a stiff brush to remove any debris. Finally, clean any remaining debris out of the burner holes with a toothpick, sewing needle or compressed air. Reinstall the burner, cover and the grill, and try igniting the burner once more.

How do you test Simmerstat?

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Light reach to the front. And turn the dial to the maximum heat setting set the multimeter to the ohms or resistance setting. Now check for continuity.

Why does my stove burner keep turning off?

It is normal for the burner(s) to cycle on and off during use to maintain the proper temperature. When the burner control is set on a lower setting, the burner will be “off” for a longer period of time than when the control is set on a higher setting.

Why won’t my burners ignite furnace?

If your furnace won’t ignite, the source of the issue may be a broken flame sensor. The sensor is responsible for turning off the gas burners to avoid gas buildup. Once this component starts to malfunction, it may stop the burners from igniting altogether.

How do I know if my stove element is bad?

Signs of a Broken Heating Element

  1. The Element Isn’t Bright Orange. …
  2. The Element Has Signs of Wear. …
  3. Food Isn’t Cooked or Is Partially Cooked. …
  4. The Oven Is Dirty. …
  5. Your Electric Bill Has Noticeably Increased.

How do you fix a burner that won’t light?

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All. You got to do is get some sandpaper. So what I usually use you could use whatever you want just to clean those holes out and just go between each of the slots. And clean each one of them out.

How do you fix a stove burner?

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Once you finish cleaning the top of the igniter. Use a try wet a dry rag to wipe it down and remove any moisture we've clean out the port with the toothpick.

How do you clean gas stove burners?

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Use a straight pin or a paper clip to remove any foreign debris from the port do not use a wooden toothpick replace the burner making sure the burner cap is properly positioned.

Why do electric stove burners stop working?

If one of your electric stove top burners isn’t heating, it could be a bad burner, a bad connection in the burner socket or a faulty switch. To see if the problem is the burner, exchange the burner with one that you know works (Photo 1).

Can a stove burner turn on by itself?

Most of the time it’s due to low maintenance. Like if your oven is too dirty or if there’s a faulty thermostat or power switch it can cause the oven to turn on its own. Other times the automated timer feature can also trigger the oven to turn on.

Why does my Frigidaire stove top keep turning off?

Radiant elements have a limiter that allows the element to cycle ON and OFF, even on the HI setting. Cycling at the HI setting is normal and will occur more often if the cookware is too small for the radiant element or if the cookware bottom is not flat.

Why do cooktop burners turn on and off?

This is done to maintain an even temperature at the heat selection that has been chosen. The burner will periodically cycle off and back on again even while set on High to protect the cooktop from extreme temperatures.

Why does my oven turn on and off by itself?

Your gas oven could be turning off because its ventilation system is blocked. Additionally, your gas ignitor could be damaged or failed to light, you could have a broken thermostat, or you may be low on gas. Finally, your gas line may be blocked.

Why does my electric stove turn off by itself?

Some electric stoves turn off on their own because of a faulty element. Wear and tear, damage, or grease and spills often contribute to a faulty element. Check the elements when cool for these issues.

Do electric burners turn off automatically?

Automatic Electric Stove Shut Off

Can be set to automatically shut off after 5 minutes (and can be adjusted up to 15 minutes) when no motion is detected. The auto shut off feature can be overridden. The lock out feature lets you set up scheduled times to prevent any use of the stove during the times that you set up.

What happens if stove is left on?

Yes, leaving a gas stove on can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. All gas stoves emit carbon monoxide. That’s why it’s recommended to always turn on the exhaust vent when your gas stove is on.

Can electric stoves catch fire?

Both gas and electric stoves can cause fires, as can toasters, toaster ovens, and any electrical appliance that can overheat. Be sure to follow the instructions when using your appliances.