What is a pale in fencing?

These traditional style picket fence pales, or palisades as they are commonly known, are made from high quality pressure treated timber and available in brown (tanatone) or natural colour (tanalised) from 2′ to 4′ high, with round or pointed tops.

What is the white fencing called?

picket fence

A picket fence, ideally white, has iconic status as Americana, symbolizing the ideal middle-class suburban life, with a family and children, large house, and peaceful living.

What is a chestnut pale?

Chestnut paling is a rustic hardwood fencing that can be used in a variety of ways: … – Fence off certain areas of your garden, e.g. ponds or around trees.

What type of wood fence lasts the longest?


Redwood, cedar or pressure-treated pine last the longest. A fence can last about 20 years, if made of a turnout resistant wood. Then posts are usually the first to go; panels survive longer because they typically don’t touch the ground. Fences must withstand year-round exposure to the element.

What happened to white picket fence?

White Pickets are Revived

In the 1980s, the white picket fence was revived by New Urbanist developers attempting to recreate the idyllic suburbs of yesteryear. Today, white picket fences are a reminder of a bygone area of openness and trust.

Is vinyl fence better than wood?

With its lengthy life, lack of maintenance, formidable strength, and beautifully versatile appearance, vinyl should be your preferred choice for fencing. Although it is more expensive upfront, it provides a better return on investment and won’t require regular (and costly) maintenance like wood fencing.

What is the life expectancy of a wooden fence?

Life Expectancy Of Wooden Fencing

When properly maintained — which includes replacing individual planks and boards as needed — a well-built wooden fence can last in good condition up to 20 years or more.

Does staining a fence make it last longer?

An exterior decking stain will bring out the natural color and grain of the wood and will seal and protect from moisture and sunlight. Stain will also make your fence last significantly longer.

What is the strongest type of fencing?

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought Iron Fencing
The wrought iron fence is the strongest and most long-lasting fencing option available.

What fence last the longest?

Vinyl fencing: Vinyl fencing can last 30+ years with minimal maintenance required. Unlike wood that can warp, rot, or shrink over time, vinyl is rigid and resilient. It is resistant to pests, rain, snow, temperature changes, and other elements. That is why vinyl fencing is the longest lasting fence material.

What type of fence is best for windy areas?

Heavier than their wooden counterparts, concrete fence posts are ideal for windy areas. Be sure to set them at least two feet into the ground, using postcrete to anchor them in position. Concrete posts will remain rigid for years to come.