Can a bathroom fan and light be on the same switch?

You can run your bathroom fan on the same switch as your lights. It solves other problems, so it’s not a bad idea even if you have two switches. This kind of arrangement isn’t a bad idea anyway.

How do you separate a bathroom fan and light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: We have a white neutral wire coming in from the switch. So this is a wiggle lever nut. And they're very easy to work with you just flip up the three levers. And pull it right off.

How do you wire an exhaust fan to a light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: What you will do is take the two white wires bunch them together and then put your copper wire in from your ceiling. And wire nut them all.

Does a bathroom fan need a special switch?

Most bathroom fan units require a special type of switch that has multiple switches built into it which will enable separate control for the various bathroom fan functions. These switches are designed for one circuit or power source only.

Can you use a light switch for a fan?

Most new ceiling fans can be wired to either a single switch or a double switch. With single-switch wiring, power to the fan is controlled by a standard single-pole wall switch, like a regular light switch.

What is code for bathroom exhaust fan?


Residential code: R303 Ventilation air from the space shall be exhausted directly to the outside. Mechanical code: M1501. 1 Outdoor discharge. The air removed by every mechanical exhaust system shall be discharged to the outdoors.

How do you separate lights on the same switch?

3 Answers

  1. Get a 2-gang box to replace your existing 1-gang box.
  2. Get a new switch.
  3. Remove your existing box and install the 2-gang box in its place.
  4. Run your supply hot wire to both switches.
  5. Connect the light/fan hot wire to one switch and the exterior light to the other.
  6. Join all neutrals and ground wires.

What kind of light switch do I need for a bathroom fan?

If it’s a typical small one speed bathroom fan you can use any on/off switch that matches the load specs; just don’t use a dimmer switch intended for lights. If it’s a large ceiling fan or a variable speed fan, then you need to use one of the purpose – built fan switches: both Leviton and GE make these.

Can I use smart switch for bathroom fan?

The SmartExhaust™ is designed to replace the bathroom fan and light switches with one smart controller and features programmable settings for running the exhaust fan as much or as little as you want, automatically.

Can you put a exhaust fan on a dimmer switch?

With regard to the OP, you can use a dimmer with a fan as long as you use it on the switched input of a timer fan. The fan takes its power from the permanent live, with the switched input just telling the electronics to activate the timer.

Can a bathroom fan be on a dimmer switch?

First things first: you cannot use a regular lighting control dimmer to control a fan. The physics are different. If the fan and the lights are on the same load line, then all you can do is on/off of the lights.

How do you wire a bathroom fan light to a double switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: You can attach your line wire that's the wire with the red tape on it that's the one that's hot all the time. You can attach that line where to either one of these terminals.