318984-753Product Overview This is an identical, generic replacement Inducer Motor for the Carrier Part #318984-753.

What type of motor is on the draft inducer?

Once you have determined the need for the draft-inducer blower, you must now decide what type of technology to use for the motor. Two motor technologies are in widespread use. These are the PSC and the Shaded Pole motors.

How much does it cost to replace an inducer motor?

Your furnace’s draft inducer motor removes toxic gases like carbon monoxide from the heat exchanger. The average cost to repair or replace a draft inducer motor is $200–$1,500.

Can I replace my furnace inducer motor?

$245 – $465, Installed

The cost to replace a draft inducer motor in your gas furnace is between $245 to $465, depending on whether the parts and/or labor are covered by the furnace manufacturers warranty or not.

Is a draft inducer motor the same as a blower motor?

In essence, the draft inducer motor is nothing more than blower motor, fan, and electrical box. Although it’s a fairly simple component, inducer motors have one of the highest failure rates of any part within a furnace. A failing inducer motor often creates bothersome noises and reduces the efficiency of the furnace.

How long does a draft inducer motor last?

Barring unforeseen issues, a high-quality inducer motor is designed to last up to 20 years. Heat and other factors can shorten its lifespan, but it’s not the type of part you should replace every decade. Inducer motors are also not necessarily something easy to repair.

What causes inducer motor failure?

Most inducer motors failures are simply attributed to the older age of the furnace. In most cases, the internal bearings wear out and since the unit is a sealed unit, there is no way to repair the original motor. Instead the unit is simply replaced with a new one.

What is the most expensive part on a furnace?

Here are four of the most expensive furnace repairs and how you can avoid them.

  • Blower Motor and Capacitor: $500 – $1,500. …
  • Draft Inducer Motor: $500 – $1,500. …
  • Circuit Board: $500 – $1500. …
  • Gas Valve: $400 – $1,000.

How long does it take to replace an inducer motor on a furnace?

Replacing a furnace inducer motor takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on inspection time, accessibility, and wiring requirements.

How long should an inducer motor last on a furnace?

12-15 years

Furnace inducer motors can have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. A replacement furnace inducer motor can cost around $800.

How do you diagnose a bad inducer motor?

Quote from Youtube video: All right we should not have any any reading on that if we had a dead short on that that would mean it would be zero point zero ohms of resistance to electrical flow that would be a dead short like

What happens if inducer motor stops working?

A failing inducer motor may create a noise shortly after a heating cycle begins. This could be a tapping noise, or a humming or whirring sound. If the unit will turn on but the blower motor is not turning on, there are a couple of ways to check if the draft inducer motor has gone bad.

How do you fix a draft inducer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Some inducers require a flow restricting ring that specifically matches with the output of the furnace. So install the disc if necessary align the new motor and tighten the mounting screws.

Can you oil a draft inducer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: You have to oil the dropped inducer motor which is this little motor right here this is the draft inducer. And there's two places where you want to oil it you want to use three.

Can you use WD40 on furnace motor?

Never use WD-40! Lubricate the bushings on both sides of the motor. Mike W. Take it out and lube it, and as was said, emphatically not with WD40.

Should my inducer fan runs constantly?

Inducer fan motor won’t stop running

If your inducer fan motor keeps on running all the time, it’s most likely due to a tripped safety such as the high limit switch. It could also be due to a bad control board that is “stuck” in the on position for running the inducer fan.

Does an inducer motor have a capacitor?

This is always helpful to pinpoint the problem to the inducer motor in the first place. One common issue with any blower motor in HVAC systems is a bad capacitor. The capacitor is what helps supply power to the motor when it’s first starting up.

How do you jump an inducer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: So by having a jumper from R to W I'm basically bypassing the thermostat. And if I turn my furnace power switch back on. That will start my heating.

Why is my inducer motor noise?

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Quote from Youtube video: Number one is when you hear a water sloshing noise coming from the inducer motor housing. So that could be one of two things either the furnace is not pitched right.