When the fridge is not cold but the freezer is, the problem is probably tied to one of your refrigerator’s mechanisms not working as designed. Evaporator fan: Every refrigerator contains a set of coils called an evaporator, which makes the inside of the fridge cold.

Why does my refrigerator work but not my freezer?

If you have a combination refrigerator-freezer that isn’t freezing, a very common cause is dirty condenser coils. When coils aren’t maintained properly, it reduces the cooling capacity of your freezer. To clean the condenser coils you can vacuum the coils with a crevice attachment.

What would cause a freezer to stop working?

If the evaporator fan is damaged or old, you may notice a loud buzzing or clicking noise. Your freezer might also run less cold than usual. If your freezer is leaking water, or if you have frost in the freezer, you likely have a clogged or (ironically) frozen defrost drain.

How do I fix my freezer that is not cooling?

Unplug the refrigerator and check the condenser coils for dust and dirt buildup. Clean the condenser coils if they’re dirty. Continue to clean the coils when you perform routine refrigerator maintenance. Check to see if the condenser fan works when you see the freezer not getting cold enough.

How do I reset my freezer?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: If the cause of your issue is still a mystery you'll want to try what is called a hard reset unplug your unit from the wall for 30 to 45. Minutes then plug the unit back in this will reset the unit.

How do you diagnose a freezer problem?

Freezer Troubleshooting Guide

  1. Make sure the freezer is plugged in.
  2. Check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
  3. Test the power outlet for voltage.
  4. Inspect the electrical cord for damage.
  5. Eliminate use of an extension cord, if any is being used.
  6. Check the outlet voltage.

How do you tell if your freezer is broken?

Signs That Your Fridge Freezer Is Broken

  1. Food going off too quickly. Food going mouldy quickly is a sure sign your fridge is struggling to regulate its temperature, particularly in the warmer months. …
  2. An expensive energy bill. …
  3. Too cold. …
  4. Strange noises.

Is it worth repairing a fridge freezer?

Any fridge freezer that is over ten years old is unlikely to be worth repairing. A new one will be more energy efficient and cost much less to run. The high cost of replacing a side by side expensive large fridge freezer may make repairs cost effective especially if the machine is not too old.

How do I know if my freezer compressor is working?

Your refrigerator compressor is responsible for that humming sound. So, if the sound stops for good, or if the sound goes from faint to a constant or very loud humming noise that does not shut off, it may be a sign the compressor is broken or malfunctioning.

How much does it cost to fix a freezer?

Nationally, it costs an average of $350 to repair a broken freezer.

Freezer Repair Cost.

Type of Cost Amount
Average Cost $350
Highest Cost $650
Lowest Cost $60 (ice-maker repair)

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a freezer?

While it is generally cheaper to repair your fridge rather than replace it entirely, there are a few factors you should consider. For example, if your fridge is long past the 13-year mark and seems to be shutting down, it may be time to replace it.

Is it worth fixing a freezer compressor?

The verdict. As a rule of thumb, if replacing the compressor will cost you about half the price of the refrigerator you have, then it will be much wiser to replace the entire fridge itself than having it repaired.

How many years does a freezer last?

Many homeowners enjoy the convenience of a separate freezer, either an upright or chest model. Today’s freezers have a lifespan of up to 20 years, but they average about 11 years, according to the NAHB.

When should I replace my freezer?

Bottom-freezers should be repaired within seven years and considered for either repair or replacement after that. Top-freezers should be replaced when seven or more years old.

How long does a freezer compressor last?

Although plans for a replacement should start around eight years of service, a well-maintained compressor can reach to ten years and beyond. As it ages, efficiency loss is gradual at first.