How do you use a Philips hue dimmer switch?

Connect with Bluetooth

  1. Hold the dimmer switch up to the light you want to control. …
  2. Press and hold the on button for three seconds until the green light starts to blink.
  3. Repeat for up to 10 bulbs.
  4. To remove a light from the Hue dimmer switch, repeat the same process, but hold the off button for 10 seconds.

How do I customize my Hue Dimmer Switch?

You can use the Hue app to personalize the settings of your Dimmer switch any way you like. Open the Hue app and navigate to Settings > Accessory setup and tap your Dimmer switch to customize what each button does on one or more presses.

What does red light mean on Hue Dimmer Switch?

Philips Hue dimmer switch showing a red (error) light. If you see a red light when pressing any of the buttons, this means that your Hue dimmer switch can’t “phone home” – i.e. it can’t communicate back to the Hue Bridge or the bulb(s) that it’s paired with.

How do you fix a Philips hue dimmer switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Have you ever gone inside your bedroom and the philips hue switch doesn't work today we're gonna help you out with that with a simple method to make this responsive. Again yes hello. Welcome welcome

How many lights can a Hue Dimmer Switch control?

Through the Hue app, you can control a maximum of 10 lights within 2 rooms at a time using the Hue Dimmer Switch. This limitation is due to the way that the ZigBee protocol works. ZigBee sends one command at a time every tenth of a second, this means that to turn on/change 10 lights it would take one second.

Does Hue Dimmer Switch need hub?

As long as you want to control your lights using the Dimmer Switch, you don’t need a Hue Bridge hub at all.

How do you program a Dimmer Switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Turn the lights off and back on three. Times. The lights will step up and down in brightness to show that the dimmer is in configuration mode then go off turn the knob fully clockwise.

How do I set scenes on a Hue Dimmer Switch?

Now, instead of “on,” “brighter,” “dimmer,” and “off” buttons, there’s an “on/off” button, a brightness up/down rocker, and a “Hue” button for switching lighting scenes. By combining the on/off buttons and adding the Hue button, the new Dimmer Switch essentially gives you an additional button to play with.

How do you make a dynamic hue scene?

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Quote from Youtube video: So i want to show you how it's how it's working and how you have to set it up first of all you have to select the room or the zone where you want to activate the dynamic scene.

How do I reset my Philips dimmer switch?

Factory reset the Hue dimmer switch by pressing and holding the setup button on the back for 10 seconds. Restart the Hue dimmer switch by holding all 4 buttons of the Hue dimmer switch. You can let go when the light on the front flashes red/green briefly.

How long does Hue Dimmer Switch battery last?

On average this battery will last approximately 3 years, or 50,000 presses. Annoyingly you can’t see the remaining battery life of the Hue Dimmer switch via the Hue app, but many third-party apps include the ability to see the remaining battery, including Apple HomeKit.

Why is my Hue switch unreachable?

Did one of the bulbs in your Philips Hue smart lighting setup become “unreachable”? It could simply be that someone manually turned off the switch that provides it with electricity, or perhaps that one bulb is too far away from the Hue Bridge or your other Hue lights.

How do you control two lights separately with a Hue Dimmer Switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: And you go into devices. And there you can see all the different accessories. I've got set up and there's the lounge dimmer. So click onto that. And there's the dimmer.

How many lights should be on a dimmer switch?

A rule of thumb commonly used to calculate a load for LED dimmers is to divide the stated maximum load by 10. For example a 400W dimmer switch should have no more than 40W of LED bulbs connected to it, which would equate to eight 5W bulbs.

Can a Philips dimmer switch control multiple lights?

If you want to control more than one light, you can pair up to nine additional bulbs—anything in the Philips Hue series—to the one dimmer. Just hold the dimmer close to the bulb (which is in a socket, of course), hold the On button down for 10 seconds or until the bulb flashes, and then release the button.

Can Philips Hue dimmer control multiple rooms?

Philips Hue dimmer switch

Set up your dimmer switch just how you want it to be. Use it to control multiple rooms in your home. Start effects or activate scenes in your rooms and groups.

How do you sync multiple Philips Hue lights?

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Quote from Youtube video: So let me go ahead and open up the philips hue. App. So i'm gonna connect these to my kitchen. Room so i'm gonna first set up those two new lights. Go to light setup. Add light.

Can Hue switch control other lights?

The Hue Module can be assigned to control multiple Hue lights in a Hue-defined room or zone, or just one Hue bulb in my case. The switch can be set to function as a simple on/off, or to cycle through predefined Hue scenes assigned to one, two, or three presses.

How does Philips Hue switch module work?

Installed behind light switches, the Philips Hue wall switch module lets you use existing switches with your Philips Hue smart lights. Your lights always stay powered on and reachable — and you can even use the switch to set multiple scenes on an individual light or in a Room or Zone.