How to knockout hole in electrical Box?

To remove a knockout, position the tip of a regular, blade-tip screwdriver just inside the edge, on the side opposite the attachment points. That ought to partially dislodge the knockout, allowing you to remove it the rest of the way by twisting back and forth until the attachment points snap.

What is a knockout box?

Knockout boxes for electrical applications provide the flexibility of onsite setup of cables, wiring, or conduit. Made from durable polycarbonate plastic, the enclosures are molded with metric knockouts that can simply be removed with a screwdriver.

How do you open a small junction box?

How to Open a Cable Junction Box

  1. Locate the silver piece of metal that looks like a locking nut or bolt but in reality is a lock. …
  2. Place the metal end of the termination tool over the lock so that the lock and tool fit tightly together.
  3. Twist the handle of the tool until you feel the lock moving.

What size are electrical box knockouts?

Stimpson offers Electrical Knockout Plugs in six basic sizes: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, and 2”. Variations for special situations are also available.

What size is a 3/4 knockout?

1.109 inches

The nominal knockout diameter for 3/4 inch conduit is 1.109 inches.

What is knockout trade size?

The nominal knockout diameter for 1 inch conduit is 1.375 inches. © 2022 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.

Can you drill a hole in a junction box?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Safety glasses and cut resistant gloves. So step one is to go ahead and lay out the marks on your junction box for the holes that are going to drill.

How do you replace an electrical knockout?

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Quote from Youtube video: Now take your phillips or your flathead screwdriver. And just loosen up the screws that are supporting. Those hot and neutral.

What size knockout plug do I need?

First, determine the size of the missing knockout hole and subtract 3/8″ to figure out what size knockout plug you’ll need. For example, if you have a 7/8″ hole, you’ll need a 1/2″ knockout plug. Next, go buy some knockout plugs.

What size is a 3/8 knockout?

The nominal knockout diameter for 3/8 inch conduit is 5/8 inches.

What size are the holes in electrical boxes?

It is designed to fill a hole 0.875 inches in diameter. Plugs with a trade size of ⅜ of an inch come closest, but they are a bit too small, filling holes 0.718 inches in diameter. Plus, this size is hard to find, because most household wiring requires conduits of at least ½ inch.

What size is a 1 1 4 knockout?

1.734 inches

The nominal knockout diameter for 1-1/4 inch conduit is 1.734 inches.

What size hole is a 1/2 knockout?


Hole Sizes Conduit Sizes – Hole size is outside diameter of US conduit sizes. Example: 1/2″ conduit size punch actually makes a 7/8″ hole.

What is a 1/2 knockout?

The nominal knockout diameter for 1/2 inch conduit is 0.875 inches.

What are knockouts used for electrical?

Electrical knockouts are used to create tabs in electrical outlet casings so they can be pushed out when the hole needs to be used. When placing an order or requesting a quote, please provide a drawing of the part. Standard units with custom punches and dies are used for forming single electrical knockouts.

What are the two basic specifications to consider when selecting a knockout punch tool?

There are two basic specifications to consider: what materials can be punched through and what size holes can be made. The size and shape of the holes will depend on the punch and die sets included in the knockout kit.

What is a Romex connector?

Twin screw non-metallic cable connecters are used to join sheathed cable and flexible cord to steel outlet boxes or other metal enclosures.

How many wires can be in a knockout?

Never run two cables into the box through the same knockout opening with pre-installed cable clamps. Each cable requires its own knockout opening and clamp. For installed clamps (whether they’re metal or plastic), no more than 2 wires should be installed in each connector of this type.

What size are Romex connectors?

3/8″ Romex Connector – 1/2″ Knockout.