The ‘strength’ of a french cleat is likely limited by the wall & cabinet fastenings, not the joint profile. All the force is really in compression between the two cleat faces.

How strong is the French cleat?

A single lag screw in a wood stud can bear a weight of between 80 – 100 pounds; two screws can hold 160-200 pounds. The wall cleat should be wide enough to fit two lag screws and span a minimum of two studs.

What is the best angle for a French cleat?


2. Cut the Angles. The angle of the beveled top edge of a French cleat is 45-degrees, and if you have a miter saw or table saw, cutting the cleats will be a snap.

How thick should a French cleat be?

Since the cleat is usually ¾” of an inch thick, it needs to be inset into the object by that amount, leaving the surface flush with the back of the mantle. Otherwise, the mantle will sit ¾” away from the wall or fireplace brick, looking like it is ready to fall off.

Where do you place French cleats?

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Quote from Youtube video: Just gives you a good solid guide. Line up the top of the cleat with this line the lip of the cleat should be facing toward the ceiling.

Can you hang cabinets with French cleat?

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Quote from Youtube video: Let's get to it. Welcome back today we're going to talk about how to hanging cabinets. Using a French cleat system if you can see here in the background.

Do French cleats need a stud?

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Quote from Youtube video: When you're putting up your French cleats it's a good idea to make sure you have something more than just the studs. If you only have a stud wall it can actually be very very weak.

What wood is best for French cleat?


French cleats are made from plywood, and they’re perfect for hanging heavy or bulky items flush against a wall.

How much space do you need between French cleats?

16 in

Space the cleats with a 2×4 block and secure them with a pair of 1-1/4-in. trim-head screws spaced every 16 in.

How do you make a French cleat secret?

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Quote from Youtube video: The next thing I did was made a wedge a wedge to fit into the back of the tool holder to hold it to the wall. Once. I had to wedge made I set it on the back of the tool holder.

How do you hang French cleats?

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Quote from Youtube video: Each have matching interlocking 30 to 45 degree bevel the two pleats are then connected together and the object is kept in place by the objects weight once connected they provide a fast and easy way

Can I use 1×4 for French cleat?

DIY French Cleat Storage System: Cut Wood

Create a french cleat by cutting each 1×4 board in half at a 45-degree angle to your desired length.

How do you hang a French cleat in drywall?

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Quote from Youtube video: Holes. Set the cleat on the wall and level it mark off the screw holes drill pilot holes in your wall. Attach the cleat to the wall with the mounting hardware. Set your object into your cleat.

How long should French cleats be?

French cleats are surprisingly strong, and the storage possibilities are only limited by your imagination. To build a basic tool-hanging system, start with 3/4-inch plywood cut into a strip that’s 5 inches wide by at least 30 inches long. This piece will become the mounting cleat that gets attached to the wall.

How do you hang a heavy cabinet on the wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: So when cabinets are made like this the two most important places or the most likely place to have fasteners is this rail underneath.

What are French cleats used for?

A French cleat is a way of securing a cabinet, mirror, artwork or other object to a wall. It is a molding with a 30–45 degree slope used to hang cabinets or other objects.

Why do they call it a French cleat?

Although it is difficult to say for sure, many think the name French Cleat originated from the origin of France when in the 1800s French shipbuilders began building wooden ships. Once the main ship was built, details were added.

How do you hang a heavy mirror with French cleats?

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Quote from Youtube video: We placed the cleat on the wall with the 45 facing away from the wall. Then we used a long bubble level to make sure that we had the cleat. Level for pilot holes were drilled into the studs.

How do you hang a 200 pound mirror?

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Quote from Youtube video: Push it through the wall. And when you push it through the wall the spring opens up look at that all right you pull back on it and you tighten it with a screwdriver.

How do you hang something heavy on drywall?

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Quote from Youtube video: This into the drywall. And it's as simple as drilling. It in when that anchor splits. Your screw is already to hang a picture on. Next we're gonna get to a series of toggle bolts.