Does a gas fireplace need a special switch?

Yes, gas fireplace wall switches don’t need any electricity to run. It runs in a millivolt circuit where the electricity is provided by the thermocouple of thermopile on the gas valve.

How do you wire a gas fireplace to a switch?

Quote from Youtube video: And discard note the jumper wire is located on front or rear terminals of the gas control valve. Connect the red wire to terminals marked TP th connect the white wire to terminal mark th.

Can I use a light switch for gas fireplace?

On the gas fireplaces I have installed the on off switch was a millivolt contact. If this is the case there will be no power to run the smart switch unless it is battery powered. If the fireplace is a 120v control then in most cases you will need a neutral.

Can I use a smart switch for my fireplace?

🔥 Adding a smart wall switch to your fireplace is not enough. Add the TV xStream Smartswitch to turn your fireplace into a voice controlled fireplace. Works with millivolt Gas Valves and Electronic Spark Pilot Ignition systems. NOT all fireplaces are compatible.

Why doesn’t my gas fireplace turn on when I flip the switch?

What can happen over the years, is that the connections inside the switch can get dirty, corroded, or broken, causing a loss of this voltage at the switch. So by the time the small amount of voltage gets sent back to the fireplace, it is not enough to signal the fireplace to turn on.

How does a gas fireplace with a switch work?

The wall switch sends an electrical signal to your fireplace to open a valve and release the gas for the pilot light to light it. Without power most fireplace valves will not open.

How do you turn on gas fireplace with wall switch and key?


  1. Locate Gas Valve Knob. Find the gas valve knob on the wall or floor. …
  2. Open Front of Fireplace. Open up the glass doors or screen to the fireplace.
  3. Locate Ignition Area. …
  4. Prepare Ignition Source. …
  5. Place Key in Gas Valve. …
  6. Light Ignition Source. …
  7. Slightly Turn on Gas Valve. …
  8. Turn Gas Valve on Full.

How much does it cost to add a switch to a gas fireplace?

Gas Log Fireplace Installation Cost

You can control the BTUs with an electrical switch, and this will add between $250 and $500 to your gas fireplace installation costs. Installing a log lighter, gas valve, and the key to switch your gas on an off costs around $250.

Can you control a gas fireplace with a smart switch?

Here’s what you need to know about a smart switch controlling a fire place. You can use a smart switch to control a fireplace. Smart switches are built to handle various loads and devices; the gas fireplace is not an exception.

Can you add a wall switch to a gas fireplace?

The short answer is yes, you can add a fireplace switch to gas logs, fire glass, and other hearths. The more detailed answer is some fireplaces and fire pits may require the installation of a different gas valve type.

Can I make my gas fireplace smart?

Flame-tec turns your fireplace into a smart appliance. Use the optional hub to connect with Alexa or Google and use your voice to control the fire.

Can Alexa control my gas fireplace?

Option 1: Voice Control Your Gas Fireplace With Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Conveniently control your fireplace from any part of your home using voice assistants. You will need a remote control device and a hub to voice control your gas fireplace via Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.